About Jenna

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a little about me....

Hi Y'all! I’m Jenna!

I’m a wife, mom, coffee lover, not too crunchy but crunchy enough women who loves to create art.

I am married to my best friend and love of my life. I’m a mama to a beautiful toddler boy, Isaiah and a sweet baby girl, AJ. If you follow me on social media you will see me share about them a lot, along with how much I love to travel.

My photography journey began a over 10 years ago when I started assisting my mom on sessions and weddings. Eventually I was second shooting weddings with her and at 13 I shot my first wedding by myself. It was horrible of course but don’t worry, I’v learned a lot since then ;)

Over the years I have grown to find my own style and to cherish my art and the memories I get to capture.

One reason I love photography is relationships. I LOVE making new friends and having those relationships with my clients and continuing them throughout the years. That's right, if you hire me for your wedding you are stuck with me for the rest of your life. I want to be there when you celebrate your anniversaries, have your babies, adopt doggies, buy a new house or travel across the world.


Want to know anymore about me? Just sent me a message and we can grab a coffee.

Will we work well together?

This is a great question.

I am so inpired by emotion. I love LOVE and any way I can capture that makes me happiest. My favorite things to photograph are intimate weddings or elopements and births! I also love babies and have packages for me to venture through your whole pregnancy, birth and newborn stage with you.

I am very laid back, easy-going and helpful. I will be anything you need me to be for you on your wedding day. You need a friend? OKAY! You need a coordinator? I'm your girl. You need someone to carry your dress, climb a tree or sit in the mud for the perfect shot? That's me! I like to have fun and help you have fun while I am photographing you.

I like to make all of my clients feel comfortable but I work best with with those who will give me freedom to execute my vision. You might do things that make you feel uncomfortable because I don't only pose but I also use promps to help get those lifestyle photos where you are all happy and laughing, or where you are totally focusing on the love you feel for those around you. TRUST ME if you come prepared top let your guard down, you will love how your photos turn out!